Turning back before Huron’s summit

Good grief! The inaugural post for fourteenergirl is going to be turning back from the summit … geez. Well, that’s life, you know? Sometimes you just get bogged down in the snow and can’t find the trail again.

Here’s the story.

We deviated from our standard method of camping at the trail head the night before and opted for a cozy hotel room instead. We usually avoid thus, because we get comfy and it’s hard to leave a quiet hotel room where you don’t have kitties jumping on your head or racing across the bed. Cozy hotel rooms incite those rare mornings where you don’t have to get up and work on whatever current home repair is going on. These are precious mornings and when they happen, it’s HARD to get up before the butt-crack of dawn, layer up and head out.

When you’re at the trail head already, it’s somehow easier. Mostly because you know if you just get up and do this fourteener right now, you can go home and sit on the back porch and drink an icy-cold adult beverage.

The cozy hotel room was not our problem this time, however. The snow was the problem. We were prepared too! We checked the websites and the forecast, we had our snowshoes, and we still ended up post-holing it, up to our hips at times in some really deep stuff.

See? Now I’m on top of the snow …

On top of the snow ... looking good.
On top of the snow ... looking good.

… and swoosh!

... and now I'm hip deep in it.
... and now I'm hip deep in it.

We simply lost the trail and never could find it.

We did find some little birds – or they found us (we are weak links in the food chain) – they flirted for cracker crumbs. They were successful.

Huron hike
Hungry birds flirting for crumbs

I tried this: “I’ll buy you dinner and a margarita if you’ll turn back … we can do this in a couple of weeks when the snow melts.”

Folks, for the first time ever – it worked! I’ve tried this before, but I think the margarita cinched it. It was still a great day. Heck, any day out in the mountains is a great day – summit or no.

Huron hike

It’s a beautiful country out there folks.

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