Drowning at the Estes Park Wool Market

The Estes Park Wool Market was last weekend, and so we headed to our favorite inn, the Taharaa Mountain Lodge, for a little R&R. We thought we’d get in a long hike along the Continental Divide and a lot of walking and some fun wool shopping.

We had a lovely Friday – warm and sunny and we walked and walked. We had coffee (for him) and tea (for me) and a cinnamon roll by a rushing stream and a pond with some sleepy ducks.

Feet up at 9 a.m.!
Feet up at 9 a.m.! (sorry for fuzziness - this was pre-caffeine)

We bought rocks at this fabulous rock shop, Red Rose Rock Shop, which is situated next to the pond with the sleeping ducks. We love this place and have been buying rocks from them each time we visit Estes Park. They have the most beautiful rose quartz, which is my favorite.

Later, we took the aerial tram to the top and looked out over Estes Park, the town.

At top of hill overlooking Estes Park
At top of aerial tram overlooking Estes Park - see those clouds?

That night, however, the temperatures dropped into the extremely chilly and the heavy rain mixed with snow made our hike impossible as we’d brought summer hiking gear. Geez, it’s only the middle of June … you’d think we would know better. Hah!

That same rain made the fair grounds at the Wool Market a soggy swamp. The folks who were running the Wool Market (bless them) put down straw so we weren’t up to our knees in muck, and the folks on the sheep-to-shawl teams were cheerfully plugging away having moved to the drier and warm barn with this little guy to watch – isn’t he cute?

Vicuna Alpacas
Vicuna Alpacas
Vicuna Alpacas
Isn't he cute?

These poor dudes were outside of the barns …

Dripping wet
Dripping wet

But this guy was warm and toasty inside …

Warm and toasty
Warm and toasty inside the barns

The rivers in town kept rising all weekend, but everyone was happy and friendly. We had a lovely time. Picked up a little yarn from the Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool Company out of Henderson, Texas (I can’t find their website, so no link, sorry). It’s 100% wool and comes in lovely colors. I bought some of this in blue last year and it knits up very nicely. I have been warned against socks, but I think I’ll try them anyway after conferring with some folks on Ravelry. The skeins are a generous 400 yards, so I’ll get a good pair of warm, striped socks out of them, I think.

All while we were gone, however, I got a lot of knitting done on these great little socks in the Equinox pattern from Knit N’ Style magazine. I’m knitting with Madelintosh yarn in the Celadon colorway from The Loopy Ewe.

Equinox Socks
Equinox Socks
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  1. Kristin
    June 21, 2010

    The Loopy Eye .. love that name. And I wear the socks you made me all the time. 🙂

  2. Mom
    July 2, 2010

    The Alpaca sheep looks a little skinny – or is he/she just wet. My favorite wool is the Alpaca and they are the cutest thing – soft noses – just like velvet and usually very friendly.

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