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Fair Warning: this is a post focused on knitting … so if you don’t care a fig for knitting, please move right along to another blog for your entertainment needs (and to heck with you, I say!).

The Equinox socks (almost wrote ‘sox’!) I started in Estes Park are coming along nicely. I typically knit socks with double-pointed needles and when I’m using a single skein of yarn, I pull both ends of the yarn cake to knit the socks at the same time. It’s my way of avoiding using circular needles on socks. I’m not in opposition to circulars; I just like the compact-ness of the DPNs and it seems to take less time with all that pulling the needle through to get it to the right spot.

Equinox socks with Madelintosh sock yarn
Equinox socks with Madelintosh sock yarn

Plus, when the yarn cake is nearly finished, it’s time to bind off. Easy-peasy.

I’m also working on the Gothic Leaf stole by Sivia Harding.

My Gothic Leaf shawl with beads

I’m using yarn from String Theory and it’s truly lovely. I think this is one of my favorite yarns in the entire world. The sheen in this yarn is beautiful.

I also ordered some new yarn from The Loopy Ewe’s new line.

Loopy Ewe Solid Series
Solid Series in Periwinkle

I am not sure what I’ll make with this yet, but I’m thinking about some socks from Wendy Johnson’s book, Socks from the Toe Up. Perhaps the Mock Cable pattern (see knitting blogs in the sidebar for her site).

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