Delayed plans for Hiking Huron again

… it’s starting to look like Huron is our Mt. Olympus, or perhaps our Waterloo. Which term is it that describes trying to accomplish something over and over but things just happen to interfere? I can’t remember.

We’ve tried this hike twice before. Once with the girls and once more recently. This weekend, we were supposed to try it again, but work projects delayed Mr. Man until late Friday and we need to stick around in case the experiment they are working on turns wonky again.

So, even though Roxy did her best to love on the backpacks and give them lots of good luck …

Roxy lovin' on the backpacks

… it appears Huron will wait another week.

So, I decided to make good use of my time. I worked on some freelance writing in the morning and then parked my tush out here to finish up my Equinox socks.

Backyard patio shot

The socks now look like this – aren’t they simply yummy?

Equinox socks

Once again, the details: these are made with Madelintosh sock yarn from The Loopy Ewe and I’m using the Equinox pattern from Knit N’ Style magazine (June 2010, page 93). I love how the colors and pattern combine make me think of a foggy, turbulent seaside.

Now, a quick word on the squirrel wars. Since they ate all the little fresh basil plants, I moved the herb pot to the end of the railing around the lower deck and poured a packet of sweet basil seeds in there. A little daily water and voila, I have basil sprouts!

Basil sprouts in pot

I haven’t seen a single squirrel wiggling his butt across that railing yet. I am completely addicted to caprese salads and you’ve just gotta have fresh basil for that, so I am watching for the little furry buggers. Mr. Man is reconfiguring a portion of the sprinkler system and listening for sounds from the Crackberry.

*sigh* such a lovely summer day …

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