Smashing Roving into Silk … and then there was a bear

I just had a needle felting class at Needleworks with these kits.

Pagewood Farm Tinkerbell Needle Felted Silk Scarf Kit

These are kits by Pagewood Farm and they are called (according to the package) Tinkerbell Needle Felted Silk Scarf. The kits come with all sorts of hand dyed silk colors and each has a bunch of fluffy roving. When you unpack it, it all looks like this (our kits included the brush and needle tools).

Fluffy roving

So, what you do is smash the roving into the silk with the needle tool and you can go quite nuts with this. The women in my class all had simply LOVELY designs. After a few minutes of the needle felting, the silk started to look like this:

Silk scarf

Seriously folks, this is ART! It was so much fun and kind of a nice little tension release too with all that smashing and poking. The coolest thing of all is that you can just keep going. You can put as much or as little of the roving into the silk as you like. Plus, the silk puckers a little around the areas where it has been felted and creates a lovely look. I’ll post more photos when I’ve worked on it some more. I am going to have to order more of these kits – it would be a fun party with everyone drinking and smashing roving into silk.

Then, I came home to an empty house (except for the kitties) and went around doing the basic clean up, adding ice cubes to the kitty water, opening the sliding glass door by the kitchen to let in fresh summer air. I turned my back, sorted mail, and hurt a bump on the porch. The kitties ran in all directions and I went to the OPEN DOOR (covered only with a screen) and saw this!

Bear photo

This small bear was right outside the sliding door screen and had jumped up to pull the hummingbird feeder off the ceiling of the porch! I shut the glass door and ran for the camera. Here’s a picture of him from above.

Bear photo from above

I find staying on the top floor of the house feels so much safer when there are bears. Good grief!

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  1. Kristin
    July 9, 2010

    Okay, I want to smash some silk. That looks fabulous and you know I love that stuff. Hell, maybe I could make YOU something for a change.

    What’s with the bear being so close? Was momma nearby? I’d have FREAKED out, seriously.

  2. July 9, 2010

    Wait until you see the finished product … it’s so easy and fun!

    The bear apparently decided the hummingbird feeder was his dinner. I was shaking after I got the door shut. He’s not that small, so he’s not a baby. You can tell the babies because they are always right near their mama and they are about the size of big bowling balls. This guy’s been visiting all our neighbors regularly and in the beginning of the warmer season, we stopped feeding the deer, etc. We’re not supposed to feed the wildlife for this reason – they start to rely on it and get too close to humans – and so we don’t. We pull down the bird feeders at the first sign of bears and put all that away until the first good snow.

    I’m getting worried about this bear … I’m not going to report him, but the other neighbors may and I don’t want him hurt. I don’t want him in my house either! It’s not his fault though … he’s just hungry.

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