Another seriously cute kitty post

OK, so we had a really busy week last week. Both of us were working long hours and coming home to get a quick hug, a bite to eat, re-pack the ol’ workout bags and crash. So, by Thursday the kitties were starting to become real pills. They wanted loads of attention to make up for lost time and they wanted it now. So, I spent the evening throwing ping pong balls, putting out treats, tossing a little catnip on their favorite kitty trees, you know a typical evening with needy pets.

So, I finally got things settled down and of course they all followed me into the office where I work. Then I tried to look at the local newspaper … and guess who was holding it firmly to the carpet? Yep, Roxy girl.

image of Roxy holding down the paper

What newspaper? Oh, this paper? You wouldn’t want it to blow away would you? Hey, I’m just doing my job. You’re the one that left it on the floor.

image of Roxy curling over newspaper

You can read it tomorrow … it’s just too comfortable right now.

image of Roxy happy on the paper

There’s nothing in here that’s as cute as me, anyway.

Then I noticed Max. Now, someone needs to tell him he doesn’t fit in the laptop case. He’s just too big.

image of Max hanging off the laptop case

He looks real worried about not fitting in, doesn’t he?

So, I gave up on the paper and I didn’t need the laptop case at all – it’s not mine. So, I got to my computer and Emily came to hold down those sneaky papers on my desk …

image of Emily holding down papers on the desk

… she does a really good job too, doesn’t she? She doesn’t even mind me working on the computer after she’s had brushing, catnip, and crunchy treats.

photo of smiling Emily

This is one happy kitty. Well, one of three anyway. Isn’t that the prettiest little face?

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  1. July 13, 2010

    Awww – your cats are all beautiful!

  2. July 14, 2010

    Thanks Sheri … I’m taking Little Loopy on the next fourteener, so I’ll have photos to share soon.

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