Adventures in Gardening 101

A few weeks ago, I showed you one of the more frustrating projects around the yard and garden, and this week I finally had time to dig in and continue with the project. You see, I had a mint problem – I have a mint problem actually. Mint is a very aggressive plant and gardens in Colorado that get this stuff are often quickly overwhelmed. The mint will crowd out and suffocate other plants, so unless you plan to have just a bed of mint, you have to fight it hard.

So, I finally did fight it hard:

Step 1: I relocated all the non suffocated flowers into other beds around the lawn.
Step 2: I sprayed a nasty toxic poison and wrapped the bed in plastic. *
Step 3: I let it bake in the Colorado sun.
Step 4: I removed all the dead plant matter and stirred the dirt carefully.

* I’d say I’m sorry for the poison, but I’m not. I’ve been battling this mint since we moved into the house and sometimes you just have to use this awful stuff. The plastic wrapping kept the bunnies safe, I wouldn’t have hurt them.

Then, I waited to see if any more mint would appear. It didn’t for 14 days. So, I dug a ditch around the edges of the flower bed. Then, I used a weed blocking fabric around the edges of the bed …

image of corner of flower bed

… and stapled it in all around.

image of flower bed lined with weed block

I gathered bags of compost and mulching material. Then, I got my plants and lined them up on the driveway next to the flower bed to get the colors mixed just right.

image of flowers lined up on driveway

As I was digging holes and putting the plants in nice, warm compost, I got to watch some of our local Colorado wildlife. Like this squirrel who was trying his (or her?) best to break into the squirrel-proof bird feeder.

image of squirrel trying to get bird seed

No luck, but the wild swinging and chattering was a hoot to watch. That’s the only bird feeder up for the summer months (due to the bears, of course) and it’s way up in a tree and fairly well hidden. It’s just outside the alcove window and the kitties love, love, love it there!

image of squirrel

Then, every once in a while, a little bunny from the family of bunnies that lives under a large juniper on the other side of the driveway would pop out, tear across the driveway, and dive unto the yard on the other side. They hide under the bushes and nibble the grass over there. Once a baby ran right across the hose as I was moving it. Poor little guy, I scared him. He was so cute.

Then, hours and hours later … finally!

image of flower bed finished

Wow, that was a ridiculous amount of work. The bees started swirling around the new plants before I had even half of them in. They used to love the lavenders that were there, and I’ve given them some coneflowers and salvias now … plus more lavender. I hope they like it!

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