Mama bear and THREE cubs visit the backyard

Today, we had a visit from our local mama bear … and it appears she has three little cubs. One is brown and the other two are black. It was so much fun to watch them roll in the grass and drink all the water that had filled into the bottoms of the flower pots.

Here is the mama bear just behind the fence … one baby is next to her:

image of mama bear

They were all so hot, they were panting. Poor little guys. We hoped they would go for a swim in the pond and cool off, but no luck. The played around in the cool grass under the tree, however:

image of three cubs

… and they drank all the water from the flower pots:

image of three bear cubs

They climbed around on the rocks:

image of all three cubs

… and they walked back and forth under the trees:

image of all three bear cubs

You gotta love Colorado wildlife!

P.S. Mama bear and all three cubs are sleeping under the neighbor’s porch right now. Maybe a swim in the pond later? We can hope.

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  1. July 17, 2010

    Too funny!

  2. Allen
    July 18, 2010

    Great photos Ginny. Thanks for telling me about them.

  3. Kristin
    July 22, 2010

    They are so damned cute!

  4. July 22, 2010

    One of the little black ones was a complete clown … kept chasing and rolling and pulling his back feet up with his front paws. He was a goof! I just love seeing them.

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