Help! I’m organizing the stuff on my desk …

… and I am convinced the stuff is winning.

It started because I had done a bunch of swatching for some projects and I needed to take notes on the swatches, bind them off, match them up with their parent yarn cakes, and sort them with their patterns.

Then, I started to get my knitting projects in order because I have a stack of patterns I’m looking forward to and I want to get them matched up with their yarn and supplies.

Plus, we are going on a trip in October to a very cold place and I’m thinking Mr. Man does not have a hat that’s warm enough.

Plus, the hat I’m going to take has a matching scarf, but it would be so much nicer to take A Noble Cowl because it will take up less room in my backpack.

Plus, I always try to start the Christmas knitting in the summer because I’m not as fast as some knitters and heck, I always suffer from project attention deficit disorder (ADD). I get bored with a project and I move on to something else, then move on to another for the simple reason that it is sitting next to a chair where I wanted to sit, and then move on to another because it’s an easy ‘safe-for-gabbing’ project when a friend comes over. So, I invariably have no less than 5 projects going on at once but often there are more.

Plus, when I finish a project, I get all happy because now I can work on OTHER projects and the cycle just perpetuates. Am I the only one? Don’t answer that … ignorance is bliss.

Anyway, you can see where this is going. My desk was a pile of recipes I want to try, fourteener notes I need to read, patterns in all directions, oh it was epic.

So I started sorting into piles. Piles on the desk:

image of the mess on the desk

As Emily looked on:

image of Emily looking on

She looks worried doesn’t she? Well, she was because her usual desk space was completely covered by stuff that was being moved around by the mad woman, so she took refuge behind the keyboard and in front of the monitors.

Other piles on the desk:

image of second pile on the desk

Then, I started organizing the yarns with their supplies and patterns. This is Eventide, which I’m putting on the beads for. I think it will be a lovely, lovely scarf for my Mom for Christmas.

image of Eventide beading

But the beading is boring me now, so I’ve asked one of the girls to do the beading when they watch a movie later today. Heh-heh, that’s multi-tasking at it’s finest. I highly recommend putting the kids to work. It’s a shame the kitties are no help.

And finally, piles on the floor:

image of Piles on the floor

… and more piles on the floor:

image of recipes and Mt. Lindsay notes

I really want to make that Gazpacho recipe soon … yum!

Roxy likes to look at things from different angles:

image of Roxy looking on

And poor Max? Well, he left. He couldn’t take it any more, so he went into our bedroom for a nap. He was exhausted just watching me tear apart the office.

image of Max sprawled on bed

I can’t blame him. I have to get the lawn mowed before I can actually work on any of these projects. Oh, to have many more arms and hands!

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