It’s my birthday and I’ll knit if I want to

Here’s what’s happening: each of the thumb-wielding members of my small family (two daughters, one husband) have called or e-mailed me in the last couple of days asking what I wanted to do for my birthday (which is tomorrow).

Hmmm … these things usually get planned, don’t they? By someone around here?

Oh right! I forgot … they usually get planned BY ME.

This happens every year. I am no longer surprised, but it kinda hurts bugs me every year because the three of them should be talking to each other about this and figuring it out on their own. How did I miss giving them this lesson? I somehow failed to teach them this one.

They ask me what I would like for presents and I think I’m really good on this point. I have a small list (customized for individual budgets) and I tell them what I’d like. I’m not the kind of woman to hint or send subtle smoke signals. Nope, I quickly spout off: “I would like the Mr. and Mrs. Smith DVD please – it’s in the cheap bin at Target this week”, or whatever. Easy-peasy, right?

It’s the calls and questions about how we should celebrate that get me … I still don’t get how this is my job? Next time, I’m going to blow their minds and tell them I expect an all expenses paid cruise to Hawaii with a hat for each and every day and a new drink designed and marketed just for me. Oh wait, just got a message from my friend Kristin who suggested that I break down a party in bits and delegate it next year. Maybe I’ll do that … still sounds like managing it, but hey, that’s how I handle everything else anyway.

So, what do I do most years?

I take the day off of work and have a me-day. It’s very nice and I almost never do this for myself, but I somehow suspect it is also an avoidance tactic because I know they won’t have anything planned and I don’t want to bother them, so I plan something for myself and then it all feels just a little bit passive-aggressive on my part. This is that guilty Mom push-pull stuff we all feel, right?

So …. tomorrow’s my birthday and I’ll knit if I want to. This is my plan:

  1. I have a luscious peach for breakfast and I’ll have it on the back porch looking at the pond.
  2. I’ll have a long workout (shut up, I like workouts and it gives me some calorie room for the rest of the day).
  3. I’ll get my roots taken care of and get a hair cut. I love my salon (Milan) and the wonderful women there.
  4. I’ll have a glass of wine at lunch.
  5. I’ll wander in downtown and shop in stores I never have time to see.
  6. I’ll stop in at my LYS and sit and knit with the ladies there for a bit.
  7. I’ll have gelatto in the afternoon.

It will be great fun. I’ll post pictures!

They love me. I know they do. I had multiple hugs from each of the girls this weekend, which is rare these days as they are in their early 20s. I love it. I treasure those and I remember them. They are each very smart and wonderful and truly amazing to be around. I like them. They’re just busy and they forget that it’s not my job to plan my own birthday.

Not a worry … I’ll have a ball.

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