Birthday update … not bad at all

So, I started the day with flowers and this really, really great card:

Fun and sexy birthday card

Thank you, Mr. Man.

Then, a long snuggle with this yowling thing and some treats … here she is at the ‘treat station’ otherwise known as the kitchen-counter-where-the-phone-used-to-be:

Emily wants treats

Next, was a luscious peach by the pond in the backyard. I got to watch the bunnies hop around and wonder at me:

Breakfast peach by the pond

Then, there was a workout (no photo needed, it’s not a pretty sight) and tea at Starbucks:

Tea at Starbucks

Then, I had my gray roots covered and a really hefty trim done on my hair – loads of layers to lighten the long hair weight:

Then, I bought new shoes with the money my Mom and Dad sent me:

New Shoes by J41 Adventureon

On sale too! And the soles are made of recycled tires and they have a road printed on the bottom. Plus, this great quote by Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein quote

Then, there was lunch in the La Creperie in downtown (avocado and crab salad with a glass of Australian wine):

Avacado and crab salad lunch with wine

… while I watched the kids across the street screech and play in the Uncle Wilbur fountain:

Uncle Wilbur fountain Colorado Springs

I saw the flowers in downtown Colorado Springs (lovely):

Flowers in Downtown Colorado Springs

An altogether lovely, self-indulgent day. Soon, dinner with Mr. Man too, so it’s not over yet! I’m off to knit for a little while.

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