Colorado fourteener resource list

This post is for some folks who’ve e-mailed me asking what online resources I use to research fourteeners. I thought I’d put together the list of the bookmarks I have saved. I’ll list the most useful first, and then if you want more, you can see the others below that, OK?

Most useful Colorado Fourteener Resource

The one site we’ve found most useful and most comprehensive is this one. The site designers do a good job of separating the peaks by ranges, and you can review recent trip reports that have been posted by actual people who did the hike (plus, their photos!). You can see that folks take pictures of the peaks in winter – these are the hard core folks who hike up with skis strapped to their packs and then ski down. Yikes! Not for me. My skiing skills are minimal.

Also, this site has information about each peak’s name history, which is kinda fun, and geological details, which quite frankly is over my head and my interest level. Still, you may find it devilishly delicious.

When we first tried Huron the first time this year, you can read about it here, we had read that the snow was pretty deep but we thought it might, just might, have melted some by the time we arrived. And of course, you all heard how that turned out! 😉 If you click a peak and click the Trip Reports button at the top, you can read recent reports from others who have done that peak (with dates), so you can avoid some problems by checking the reports ahead of time to see what other people encountered.

For instance, if I select Mt. Lindsey, which is the peak we are trying this weekend, then select the trip reports, I can see that one set of folks just last weekend did this peak to celebrate a birthday.

Note: these ‘kids’ are much younger than I am (I’m not telling you how much, my friends already know) and apparently one person in the group decided to stop and wait while the rest of her team bagged the peak and came back down to locate her. This is an important warning that bagging these peaks is really hard, and it can be dangerous, so don’t play around with them.

Hint of what’s to come: for Lindsey, we’ll be taking water shoes, to go through a rushing creek, and helmets for the climbing portion, which will be free-climbing a wall. The helmets are to protect our head from rocks kicked off by those above us (my Mr. Man in this case as he’s always ahead of me). We may choose another route when we get there, but don’t worry – I’ll tell you all about it when we get back.

Other Fourteener Resources

These are some other useful fourteener resources for Colorado, which you may find useful.

The Peak Bagger site has printable Topo maps.

The Colorado Fourteeners Initiative has a site as well. These folks do a lot of trail restoration and creation.

This site divides the peaks by region, which can be super useful if you are visiting Colorado and want to bag a peak while you are in, say Southwest Colorado.

You can look at the trip reports on this site, but it’s not often updated.

OK, we’re off tonight … pictures and gory details to come soon!

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  1. August 16, 2010

    OK…so when do you have time to knit???
    Beautiful photos. I have climed Elbert long ago, starting in the dark, no where to pee above tree line, etc etc, so I can understand a little your adventure. How many have you climber by now?
    I’ll be in Colo Spgs recovering from a knee replacement Oct 8-19, come down and visit, we’ll catch up. My cell phone is 970-618 7029.
    I want to hear how the girls are.
    Nifty wed site.

  2. August 16, 2010

    Oh, gosh … there are evenings after work for knitting! Ouch on the knees, so sorry. I’ll note the dates and get in touch.

  3. August 16, 2010

    Oh, I’ve climbed 26 so far … I’ve got the running total on the left side of the web site.

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