Running out of Zen Serenity 20 – only 4 rows to go!

Oh my goodness, I’ve only 4 rows to go on the Traveling Woman shawl for my friend C and I’m OUT OF YARN! Yes, you read that right. As of this moment, I have only a very tiny little bit left.

I was getting close at knitting club last night, but I managed to finish the knit row 16 on chart B and the yarn ball looked like this:

image of small nub of yarn left

I know it’s because I got confused on the pattern at the edge. I’m sure I’ve added a whole pattern repeat on each side all by myself. I wouldn’t mind if it was a project for me, but this is special. It’s for someone else. She’s really special and I want it to be nice dammit! I am pretty sure I can hear the knitting faeries cackling … little devils.

I contacted the folks at Zen Yarn Garden and asked them if they have more of this colorway. Unfortunately no, the Mocha Olive is no longer available, but the Toasted Olive is very, very close. I order a skein of that – hoping that this specific action will magically make the ball of yarn stretch further. Just for good measure, I toss two skeins of their wine-colored cashmere blend yarn into the cart as well. A little stash enhancement for luck, perhaps? Maybe just a little to take the edge off, thank you. I complete the order. The yarn cake is still really tiny. Magic has failed me.

Perhaps some sleep will help.

So, today and with only this tiny bit left (it didn’t grow over night either, how rude):

Little ball of yarn left

… I decided to be brave and tackle the purl back row to see if I could get all the way across.

I completed the purl back (wrong side) row and yikes! the yarn ball looks like this now:

what am I going to do?

Now, I’m really scared. I cried for a little bit. I sent a few frustrated e-mails. I poured a stiff drink (C said it was cocktail hour somewhere, so I went with it).

Then, I started to think. I know this has happened to other people, so I logged into Ravelry to see if anyone has THIS yarn with THIS colorway stashed. I posted a note in the ISO/Destash group and we’ll see what happens. Otherwise, I’ll probably have to conclude the shawl with the Toasted Olive.

P.S. Yes, I realize this was a rather dramatic enactment of a common occurrence. I’m pissed; I have no other defense.

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