Noble Cowl is Finished!

Sorry for the quiet folks, as you can see from my tweets, it’s been a rough, rough week. The good news is that I knit through everything. Why not? Some problems are just to big to ‘get solved’ and so one must do what one can, right? Well, knitting is my go-to stress relief, my calming method, and much like yoga, I generally feel centered and all better after it. Well, without all the sweating and puffing of course.

So, last year, I made a lovely Palindrome scarf and a matching hat from the Fiesta Ballet in snowy white. I changed the hat pattern in Ravelry to reversed the brim with the cabled hat. So, I had a lovely hat and matching scarf. I wanted, however, a cowl for those times when I didn’t want to wrap and wrap myself in a scarf. So, I started the Noble Cowl.

This week, amid all the stress and unhappiness and chaos and mess, I finished the cowl. Here it is soaking:

Soaking the Noble Cowl

… and here it is blocking:

Blocking the finished Noble Cowl

… and here it is on me:

Completed Noble Cowl

I have to say, it’s light and airy and lacy and simply lovely. The yarn is 50% Alpaca and 50% Tencel, so it has lovely sheen and softness.

Then, when I went to try to blog about it, this chubby guy was not helping.

Max on the chair, not helping

Hogging my chair he is … but I used the age-old sneaky trick of giving Max crunchy treats so he would abandon my chair. Hmm … could be one factor in his chubbiness, eh?

Emmie-girl, however, is slim and trim and holding down her mama’s needle case while she types!

Emily is helping

Now, I wonder how I can get one of these cute little things?

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