Planting a Thunderchild Crab Apple Tree

This summer, we decided to invest in a little color. In this case, hot pink and red (what could be nicer?). So we picked a Thunderchild Crab Apple tree from the great folks at Colorado Tree Farm Nursery.

Here are the nursery stats on our tree:

  • Grows to 15-20 feet high and spreads about the same wide (that’ll do).
  • Likes full sun and has moderate water needs (excellent for Colorado).
  • Light pink flowers in spring with deep purple leaves through the summer (I’m in love!).
  • Turns deeply red in the fall (I’m deeply in love).

Now, you must understand that we have a decidedly evergreen look to the back yard and open space behind it, which we call the canyon (also known as Colorado Wildlife Highway 1) because it’s fairly deep and wide and there’s a bit of a creek wash out running through it. So we definitely needed some color. Plus, a number of our aspens have been dying (they are not long-lived trees) and we wanted to have a tad more variety although we love the aspens for their calming watery sound when the breezes drift around the house.

So, we opted to have a professional planting because that also gave us a guarantee.

Here’s the hole they started to dig:

Starter hole for Thunderchild Crab tree

… it got deeper than that, but I had to try to be smart and stay out of the way. These guys were very polite and happy that I was excited to see my tree arrive.

And here is our tree coming around the side of the house:

Thunderchild Crab comes around the house

Don’t you want one of those mover things? It goes up and down too. Wouldn’t it be cool for the laundry, you load it up, drive it over, lift and dump the load in the washer … well, sounds fun to me anyway.

Here they are placing the tree:

Thunderchild Crab gets planted

… and here is our Thunderchild all ready to grow happily in our yard:

Thunderchild Crab is planted

Isn’t she beautiful? I just love her. Of course she’s a her, she’s pink in the Spring, why wouldn’t she be a ‘her’?

Anyway, as you can see from the dark green all around, we needed a little color. Can’t wait for Spring.

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  1. Linda Latin
    October 18, 2010

    Hi, Just wondering what your Thunderchild Crab looks like now.
    I am planting one in memory of my mother and am looking for a good picture to send
    to the family…
    thx for your time.

  2. October 18, 2010

    Hi, I’ll get a photo and send it to you. It’s the first year, and it has been dry. While I’ve been watering it, I think that it will get fuller next year. It’s supposed to turn bright red in the Fall.

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