Traveling Woman Shawl in Zen Yarn Garden is finished!

A week or so ago, I posted about the fact that I was out of yarn with only 4 rows to go on the Traveling Woman shawl, which the intended recipient ironically points out is being given to a woman who does not travel.

So, the lovely folks at Zen Yarn Garden went digging and couldn’t find another skein of Mocha Olive, bit they offered me a skein of Toasted Olive and the advice that it would probably work out just fine with only 3 rows and the bind off edge. You know what? They were right! When the Toasted Olive came in, I spread it out over the current edge and you can’t tell. I matched up the yarns as close as possible color to color at the start and away I went.

Ran into a snag – my own fault entirely – when I noticed a stitch dropped in the bind off. Of course, I noticed this only after I was showing it to my knitting teacher at Wednesday Night Knitting Club at Needleworks. Ergh and Eek! My knitting teacher was able to help me fix it. She’s amazing!

So, here is the shawl dutifully drying out on the blocking puzzle blocks:

blocking the Traveling Woman Shawl

… it got quite a bit larger after it got wet.

Roxy watched in amusement from the bench:

an amused Roxy looks on from the bench

… and Emily girl sends kitty kisses to her friend Daisy!

Emily winks to Daisy

Then I continued working on my hat, which is also made from the Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20, a blend of Merino, a tiny bit of Nylon, and 20% Cashmere:

Cabled hat in Zen Yarn Garden

… and I saw this guy curled up on the lawn taking a nap:

Deer napping on the lawn

It’s been a somewhat restful day, but I’m wading through waves of exhaustion. Emotional turmoil strains my system more than hiking up mountain peaks does. As a family, we’re trying to clean up the collateral damage from last week and while we all love each other, we are also each holding firm on our positions around an issue on which we cannot agree. Mr. Man was a most excellent father last night, sitting with troubled daughter and talking. Each day of raising healthy happy well-grounded children has its own share of joys and challenges. It’s been more challenge than joy lately, but then there have been many years of joy, so it all balances out in the long run.

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