Blocking Knitting with Kitties

Just thought you’d like to know, I had a lot of help with blocking the shawl yesterday. I thought I was safe because these two were busy watching a rabbit hopping around in the front of the house.

Max and Emily watching rabbits

After the shawl was laid out, pinned and covered with a cloth, it didn’t take long for Max to discover this was a comfy place to take an afternoon nap.

Max helping with blocking

… it was damp and cool too. Ah!

Max helping with blocking the shawl

I love helping Mama with the blocking!

So comfy

Luckily, the shawl survived quite nicely.

Traveling Woman shawl

I would have taken the pictures outside, but we’re having a crazy gully washer here in Colorado and dangit if I didn’t finally get this thing dry!

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