Falling Water scarf finished … what’s next for knitting projects?

With the completion of the falling water scarf:

Falling Water scarf

I decided to try to get organized on my next set of knitting projects.

Organizing knitting projects

I have five I’m actively working on now, and that’s about normal for me, but I’m easily distracted by new patterns and yarns. Some family members were starting to tease about the stash situation, so I thought I’d show them and put the patterns with the yarns and get them organized into ziploc bags.

So, I have another Noble Cowl … that’s a lovely pattern and I am a person who knits a pattern she likes and is familiar with more than once. Many knitters don’t – they need the constant thrill of a new pattern. I like familiar things. It works for me.

Second Noble Cowl

I have Saroyan and a lovely Arucania yarn in pale purple:

Saroyan with Arucania yarn

I have Ophidian, a beautiful design by ever-amazing Sivia Harding to knit with some soft pink Handmaiden yarn and pink beads:

Ophidian with Handmaiden yarn

I have Hypoteneuse with some great kid mohair from Brooks Farm:

Hypoteneuse with Brooks Farm yarn

I’ve a Wickerwork handbag pattern from one of the One Skein Wonders books that I’ll have to adapt to fit the adorable purse frame I couldn’t resist. This yarn pick is a long shot as I’m not sure if I’ll get gauge, etc. I’m planning to knit with the two colors held together, but I don’t yet know if that will look wonky or not. Will have to work on this, but hey – it’s organized into it’s bag after all. That’s a start!

Wickerwork Handbag with two yarns

I’m not a fan of the same ol’, same ol’ when it comes to baby stuff. I am working on a dark purple blanket that’s going to make some little person and their parents really happy (not sure who, but that doesn’t matter, babies happen and the right little person will appear when the time is right). So, I’m thinking I’ll do a baby sweater in this fuschia:

Baby sweater in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino

I also had a lot of help with the bagging. For some reason, you put this stuff in zipper bags and the kitties feel they must investigate even though they couldn’t care one fig for the yarn normally.


Heh, that’ll show them! Oh crap, I forgot … I’ve got knit all this now!

Emily has decided to rest for us both.

Emily resting

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