It happened one night …

… last night to be exact. It’s official. It happens every year about this time and it happened last night. The shift, the switch, the change that occurs about this time of the year — I’m so done with summer. I’m done with the Colorado heat (such that it is for my friends in the South) and I’d like to have my fall weather now please.

I really shouldn’t complain because it’s not nearly as hot as it is in the southern states. Poor devils, who can live in 100 degrees for weeks, even months, at a time? Oh what the heck, I can complain if I want to. Last night, it was hot all night long. Emily kept waking me up to tell me she wanted to snuggle, but it was too hot to snuggle. I’m not sure why she felt it was important that I get hourly updates on the heat index and her need to snuggle if it were only just a little bit cooler, but it was important to her and so I went with it as well as I could. What were the options after all?

This is what it will look like for our week where I live in Colorado.

this week's Colorado Springs weather chart

I know, I know … all my southern friends are groaning in despair and jealousy. Sorry about that.

I used to feel that the start of school was the start of Fall, but now that kids go to school longer those two events are no longer associated. All the kids in our neighborhood have been back in school for a couple of weeks now. They line up in early mornings with their huge backpacks and their skinny little legs and wait for their respective buses. When it gets colder and we head into winter, those same kids will stand in the dark and their breath will hang white and misty in the freezing air until the bus comes. Many times, the neighbor with the biggest SUV will park there with the heat on and let the kids stay warm until the bus comes.

The college kids started back to their classes and study groups and labs last week too. They carry even bigger backpacks and park their old beaten cars in the neighborhood across from the college and hike in to class. Everyone is trying to avoid the ridiculous, over-the-top parking pass costs at UCCS. Our girls actually arrive home for dinner once in a while and they get to sleep at a decent hour again. It’s kinda weird, but I like it.

There’s no termination dust on the Peak, however, and that’s always our sign that Fall has officially begun.

Pikes Peak with no termination dust

See? No snow at the top yet.

Perhaps I need to back up a bit and be more patient. It’s just starting into September, which always turns out to be the hottest month of the year in Colorado. By Halloween, we’ll have our first snow, but September and early October are usually dry and hot. The ‘monsoon’ season (if you can call it that) of June and July is over and we’ll spend August, September and the first of October watering the hell out of our bushes, flowers, and trees to keep them going through the dry part. Then, the first snow will fly and all that work will blend into the preparation for winter.

For now, however, it’s hot and I don’t do hot anymore. I hate sleeping in the heat. I never really get to sleep when it’s hot and Emily’s hourly updates don’t help. I just kind of drowse through the night and that’s not the deep sleep I’m used to enjoying. Emily has resorted to sleeping UNDER my desk where she claims it’s cooler.

Emily under the desk

I spent the weekend cleaning house and knitting socks. They are small and make me dream of Fall without putting a lot of overheating wool on my lap. I’m so done with summer.

The sky, however, is gorgeous!

Colorado Summer sky

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