Ever had one of those weeks?

Today, I feel beaten down by life.

Companies hit by hard times have to put hard-working people on the unemployment roster, further skewing everyone’s hope that an economic recovery is actually happening and sending individuals and their families into a scary, unhappy and stressful spiral. People on both sides of the layoff are hurting and wishing it could be different.

An exciting opportunity with a new group of friends yet to be met is abruptly and without warning shut down, leaving in its wake a bunch of confused and saddened women.

Sad news I can’t even write about occurs in your own neighborhood to true innocents. Caring people text the details to me to my additional dismay. They don’t know I avoid the news for this very reason – the slow sickening nausea and anger that cannot easily be shaken off disturbs my sleep and weighs me down in unspeakable ways.

Medical costs keep rising for people who truly don’t need another setback. Even though they are managing to make it, they feel like they are never going to get ahead.

… and then some things happen to lift you out of the dumps a little:

Amazing young people you’ve worked so hard to raise into clear-thinking kind adults suddenly surprise you with intelligent thoughts and heart-warming efforts and you think they might make it after all.

A customer calls with a compliment on the work you’ve been slaving over for weeks.

A sweet kitty jumps on your desk and drinks from your freshly made glass of ice water, then gives you cold kisses on the cheek before climbing in your lap for snuggles.

There are hints of cooling Fall weather coming in the evenings and early mornings that make me think of hot spiced tea, warm socks, snuggling under blankets, and watching the colored leaves blow across the lawn.

Through it all, I knit when I can and knitting helps.

Nanner Socks

This week however, the world and all its troubles can just bite me on the ass on its way out.

Emily sits with me as I type this and she agrees.

Emily agrees

… don’t you love how she tucks her paws in?

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A mother, sister, wife, and daughter who writes, knits, hikes, and practices yoga on the west coast. Loves a zippy chardonnay or a tart margarita!

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