Signs of Fall in Colorado

I don’t know about you, but I think I am conditioned to think of Fall as the season of new starts because that’s when the school year always started. With a new school year, you get all those new books that smell funny and crackle a little when you open them. You get new shoes (sometimes not comfortable ones), new teachers, a new group of kids, and new experiences to look forward to. I know that Spring is supposed to be the season of new growth, but for me, Fall is always the start of something new.

Last weekend, we did some hiking and while we aren’t seeing too many signs of Fall just yet around our neighborhood, we did see quite a few in the mountains. I love, love, love this time of year – it’s my absolute favorite. It’s not just the cooler weather. Fall has always seemed so full of unexplored potential and promise to me.

I took some photographs of the fall colors we encountered on our hike last weekend up Challenger Point and around Willow Lake.

Orange berries Willow Lake Trail Colorado

I couldn’t resist photographing these red berries:

Red berries on the Willow Lake Trail Colorado

… and when I encountered a fallen branch of yellowed Aspen leaves, I stuck that on my pack. Just for color, you understand:

Hiking with Aspen leaves in Colorado

Of course, with the cooler weather, you get new yarn!

New yarns to knit for Fall

Oh, the possibilities! It’s breathtaking, I tell you.

The cooler weather is so inspiring and it is very cool this morning let me tell you. I’m wearing a sweatshirt over a t-shirt and I’ve got a blanket across my lap and legs.

I also have this on my lap:

Emily on my lap

It’s her favorite place to be when I’m working. Luckily, I can usually reach everything I need to reach and not squish her. She’s a wonderful little warming device. Everyone should have one of these.

Emily happy on my lap

In the meantime … does this look comfortable to you?

Max does not look comfortable

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