Knitting up my Campfire Nanner Socks

Awhile back, I started knitting up some socks using Wendy Johnson’s free pattern, Nanner Socks. I’m calling these my Campfire Nanner Socks because I got to knit them by a campfire out in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Colorado:

Knitting by Willow Lake campground Colorado

I love this yarn. I’ve had it in my stash forever. I can’t remember who makes it or what the colorway is, however, as I wound it up into yarn cakes in a fit of winding some time back and lost the ball band. I know I bought it through The Loopy Ewe. I just love Sheri and I can’t say enough good things about the work she does and her Loopy Elves. They are an efficient team and you can count on them to get your yarn to you very quickly – just in time for Friday night knitting!

Here they are just getting started with the pattern card I typically use as a pattern reminder tool:

Nanner socks with pattern card

Nanner sock pattern up close

Working the heel of Nanner socks

Working the second heel in the passenger seat of the jeep:
Second heel of campfire nanner socks

Then working up the leg:
Working up the leg of campfire nanner socks

Then working the too-stretchy sewn cast off:
Casting off

And they’re done!

Finished campfire nanner socks

Just in time too … it’s cooler in the mornings these days. Still no termination dust on the Peak, but hey, it’s only September after all.

This is all that’s left over too – a bunch of free needles and a little bit of yarn.

All that's left over - freed needles and a little bit of yarn

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  1. Samantha
    September 15, 2010

    I LOVE THOSE! They look so cozy and warm!!!

  2. September 16, 2010

    Last night I was lining up all the socks I need to wash so they are soft and ready for wearing for winter and geez! I’ve got 5 new pairs! I’m so excited about our trip because it will be friggin’ cold and I’ll get to wear these socks!

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