Weekend visitors

We had lots of visitors last weekend. Some family, but we had the other kind of visitor too.

The family had fun spending time together with food and drinks and talking about latest travels, school escapades, home renovation hell, and whatnot.

Family visits in Colorado Springs

… and then there were these visitors:

Deer visit fourteenergirl's yard again

I wonder what he’s thinking?

Deer visit fourteenergirl's yard again

I found the marks of their visit on my front porch later:

Flowers chewed off by deer

Bugger … those were really pretty petunias just yesterday! And then, they leave:

Deer leaving the yard

When my family leaves, there are nice little presents, many empty wine and beer bottles, pictures, playdo sculptures, and stories. When these dopes leave all I’ve got are scalped flower beds.

Oh well, that’s OK. Max did his best rolling tricks to impress the kids and cheer me up.

Max rolls on the floo

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