What I accomplished this summer …

… I can’t say ‘What I did on summer vacation’ because I haven’t had one! Come to think on it, I don’t think I’ve had a proper summer vacation since our honeymoon in 1999. Not to worry, we have a vacation coming up soon and while it won’t be a typical summer vacation, I’ll take it gladly. As the Labor Day weekend is over, and I’ve been nursing a bit of a cold, I spent a little time thinking over what I did this summer and it’s actually been quite busy and positive.

I launched two websites – fourteenergirl.com and fourteenerwriter.com and I’ve started gaining some more independent writing work through client referrals. I’ve also learned a lot about WordPress and plugins and themes. I’m still trying to figure out how to use one of the plugins (Nextgen, in case you’re curious) to create photo galleries and slide shows, but I do have a day job and lots of freelance work, so that will have to get squeezed in when it can.

We climbed a few fourteeners: Huron (finally, after an earlier attempt), Mt. Lindsey, then the Shavano and Tabegauche set, and most recently, Challenger Point. If you’re counting (and you should – it keeps me honest), that’s a total of 4 peaks conquered this summer, not counting the repeats. Since I did Shavano way back in 2001, I didn’t count that one in this total.

I completed a few knitted items:

Gothic Leaf shawl – complete with beads

image of Gothic Leaf on deck rail

Noble Cowl

Completed Noble Cowl

Traveling Woman shawl

Traveling Woman shawl

Falling Water scarf

Falling Water scarf

Campfire Nanner Socks

Finished campfire nanner socks

And I finally tried grilled figs! I realize this isn’t solving world hunger or world peace, but it’s been on my list of foods to try for some time. I didn’t even know when ‘fig season’ was to be quite honest. When I figured out it was late summer (thanks to the helpful folks at my local Whole Foods), I waited patiently, but it was worth it. I think fresh grilled figs work better over caramel or vanilla bean ice cream as the taste seems to enjoy a creamy accompaniment.

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