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I’ve been pondering this for some time and I think wealth is a lot like beauty – it depends on the ‘eye of the beholder’. Honestly, I think these two concepts are closely related to the human condition that inspires us to desire.

I recently read a book called The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity … this was the older version, I understand there’s a new one, which I’m going to order soon, called The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity and Giving by the same author, Catherine Ponder. I was intrigued by the author’s ideas and the promise because they are such wonderfully giving laws, laws I can understand and easily get behind. These are rules that appeal to me.

In fact, I began practicing one of the laws – forgiveness – on an old hurt caused by someone I thought was my friend and had near immediate results. I realized as well that I’ve been living many of these laws all my life – give before you can receive for one. Leave space for new things to enter, that’s a really good one. I cleared out my closet before Fall on that one.

This week, a comment I made to one of my daughters made me remember something my grandmother said: “true beauty shines from the inside” and a parade of faces began to flow through my brain as I remembered all the people I’ve known over the years who may or may not have been considered beautiful in today’s sense (whatever that may be), but they were truly beautiful to me.

So, I think that wealth like beauty is certainly in the eyes of the beholder. I’ve known nuns who hadn’t a penny of their own to their names, but they shined with pure beauty and taught me a lot. I’ve known people who hadn’t a lot of money, but they inspired a sense of wealth and taught their children they were beautiful because their beauty shown from the inside. Those were wealthy people.

Today, I feel wealthy because I’ve had the chance to scrub my house clean and wash most of my handmade socks so they are soft and ready for wearing this Fall.

Handmade socks all washed and ready

I also finished a warm hat that goes in a pile of warm things that will be wonderful companions on walks when the leaves turn colors and crunch underfoot and the Colorado air is crisp and clean and smells of smoke from our neighbors’ fires.

New handmade knit cap

This hat is wealth when it gets cold. It’s also beauty.

Here’s another fun thing … fishing for kitties!

Fishing for kitties with Roxy

Happy Friday everyone.

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