Lazy Saturday in late summer

What a treat it is to have a lazy Saturday in late summer. I started with some writing work and got to have this fluffy love bug on my lap.

Emily playing on my lap

She’s reaching for the wrist strap to the camera. Stephen says she always looks like she’s on some kind of happy drug when she’s in my lap like this. I just think she’s happy.

Then, after putting on a pot of marinara to simmer, I got to plop in the big brown chair in the living room. Since it’s right next to the corner bay of windows, and there is a bird feeder hanging right outside those windows, it’s the perfect place to watch the birds come and go.

Roxy caught sight of one of the birds and tried to sneak up on it.

Roxy sneaking up on a bird

Getting closer ….

Roxy sneaking up on a bird ... getting closer

The birdy is RIGHT THERE!

Roxy sneaking up on a bird ... so close

I can almost taste him!

Roxy sneaking up on a bird ... she quivers with excitement

Dang, he flew away!

Roxy's bird flies away

Sheesh, that was exhausting. I must return to my normal pose and let the blood flow into the back of my brain.

Roxy resting upside down

… and I knit through it all.

Knitting Cocoon Wrap Sweater

Aahh … lazy Saturdays. These are such a treat!

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