Working too hard … waiting for vacay

I’m working too hard these past few days. I’ve only managed to work a couple of quick fingerless gloves:

Fingerless glove knitting

… and they’re not done yet.

These are made from the leftovers of the Zen Yarn Garden yarn from my cabled hat.

I’ve also started working frantically on a hat for my nephew’s birthday in December:

Grey ribbed hat

I was working away on this, remarking that it should keep Mr. Man’s ears warm and he notes he has plenty of hats. Hmmm … I’ll take the hint and adjust it for my nephew instead. It should be nice and warm and the perfect color for a 14-year old in middle school. I’m toying with the idea of stitching on some letters for his initials, but I haven’t committed to that yet.

Other than that, I’m working, working, working on all the writing projects and jobs I have going on right now. No big deal, but just a pileup here this week.

I did, however, manage to remember to buy a tiny mousie for my tiny computer:

Tiny Dell with tiny Logitech wireless mouse

I’m so ready to travel!

Knitter quote from Yarn Harlot 2010 Calendar
* quote from the Yarn Harlot’s Never Not Knitting Calendar 2010

… yes, I’m still picking the knitting I’ll take with me, but I won’t be waiting – I’ll be knitting!

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