Geez, working the weekend again?

At this point, Mr. Man and I are working way, way too hard these days – he definitely more than me. Right now, he’s got a presentation to design and he’s tossing toys to the cats as a distraction.

I’ve got a pile up of writing projects and an upcoming vacation, so I’ve got to clear my desk. Mr. Man has a presentation to do on vacation (he’s presenting at a conference and I’m playing tourist for a couple of days, then we get to play together). Anyway, this means he’s incredibly busy too. My poor guy … he needs a vacation.

Last night, I started leaving through the Nicky Epstein book, Knitting on the Edge, and I kept thinking how cool it would be to have these as wrist warmers with a ruffle that fell over the knuckles of my hand.

Fingerless gloves - almost done, channeling Nicky Epstein

I’ll keep thinking on those and let you know when I try to design them. They should be great fun. Anyway, I took a timeout and finished up my fingerless gloves.

Fingerless gloves with Zen Yarn Garden

Fingerless gloves with Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20

Then, I spent some time winding some yarn made of 100% sugar cane? No kidding, that’s what the label says. It’s Arucania Ruca solid in a pale purple-grey and it’s incredibly soft. It’s also splitty if the gauge swatch is any indicator. I’m going to attempt the Saroyan scarf with beads.

I was very disappointed in the second skein as it was badly skeined (is that a word? spell checker says no, so I’ll explain). The skein was tangled and I kept having to stop winding and manually weave the working yarn cake through the tangles. It was a mess!

Arucania yarn - very tangled skein

Ugh! Once I got it going, however, it wound up finally.

Arucania yarn - winding Ruca skein on swift

… and then I had two lovely yarn cakes.

Arucania Ruca yarn wound into cakes

Max was pleased. He likes to watch the swift go ’round and ’round.

Max approves of yarn winding!

In the afternoon, I went out to the deck to add a little water to the rosemary and basil pot I’m hiding from the squirrels and this looked up at me!

Deer sleeping on Colorado lawn

Seriously? My mom says my life is complicated … I’m beginning to think she may be right. It’s certainly a little surreal at times.

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