All about my girl, Emily

Emily is my girl. She likes to drink from the fresh glasses of ice water.

Emily drinking from Stephen's glass

She likes to stalk birdies on the balcony.

Emily stalking birdies

She likes to watch me work at the computer:

Emily watching me work

… and she’s really, really good at getting in the way when I’m trying to work, which seems to be all the time these days. I’m trying to wrap up a bunch of writing work before I leave on a trip and Mr. Man is trying to put together the presentation for his conference, so we are both working all the darn time these days.

Emily getting in the way

Emily has noticed. She doesn’t think it’s funny and she’s starting to wake us up at night, which is what she does when she hasn’t had enough attention during the day. Plus, she probably has to pee given she’s been drinking all the water and fresh tea out of our glasses! Since she’s up anyway, she probably feels entitled to let us know we’ve been neglecting her.

Emily drinking from my tea

Yeah, a little cat spit in your glass, that’s the trick! You don’t feel like neglecting me now, do ya?

Emily satisfied for leaving a little cat spit

Heh, heh! Yummy!

Heh, heh, yummy!

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