Tricks for Making your Knitting Projects more Portable

Knitting is a meditative, creative, loving hobby that can also be frustratingly difficult but weirdly addicting. Unlike other hobbies, like say woodworking or glass-blowing or quilting, knitting is one of the more portable hobbies. You can stuff your yarn, needles, and other essentials into a ziploc or project bag and away you go. Due to knitting’s popularity, its devoted fan base, and relative portability, it has become more and more common to see people knitting in all kinds of public places.

To that end, knitters need to be sure their projects are properly portable, and these are a few tricks I’ve used to make my knitting projects very portable.

First, I dislike hauling around a lot of paper because it takes up space that might by otherwise useful in my knitting bag or on my lap. So when I’m knitting with a pattern that repeats for a number of rows (like a shawl or a sock, for example), I’ll make a copy or print out the repeat chart, with the chart key if I think I’ll need it.

Then, I glue it to an index card like this:

Knitting pattern card

Note: the above pattern is freely available on Wendy Johnson’s blog.

It works so much better for me than hauling around a book or stapled pages. You can see, it gets pretty abused. A little card like this takes up much less space, which is especially important if I’m knitting at a ball game or in the passenger seat of a car. It fits easily in the smaller project bags and once you’ve got the pattern established, you just need to keep track of where you are in the repeat part.

I’ll often use these pattern keeper things too:

Knitting pattern keeper

They’re great for keeping track of what row I’m on – especially in the longer patterns such as those for shawls where it’s easy to lose your place. Plus, the magnets keep your row well marked, so if you put this project on hold (or in the corner if it’s particularly troublesome), then you can figure out where you are much easier when you return to it again no matter how long it’s languished on hold.

You can see it in action here:

Knitting pattern keeper in action

I bought these (from someone on Etsy, I believe), but they look easy enough to make. Some ribbon, some magnet strips, and a glue gun are the required materials, it seems. I may have to get some supplies and make some of my own just for fun – or for knitter gifts, eh?

So, why am I concerned with making my knitting projects super-portable?

Because I’m getting on a plane to Sweden, that’s why! Yee haa. Not only do I get uninterrupted hours of knitting getting there, but I have days and days of exploring and eating and discovering and having fun when I arrive. Plus, wherever I plop my tush down, I can knit! No waiting for me – I’m knitting!

Will blog from the other side if the Internet is good ….

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