Touring Täby Sweden – day two

Well, given my last post you can guess that I found a connection … it takes a wire hooked into my PC, but it works like a charm. I can’t watch the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy on the PC as it’s U.S. only on Hulu but I’ll wait until I get back.

They weren’t kidding about the clean Swedish lines and beds. We had to push our beds together to make one bed, but everything is neat and has clean lines:

Room in Täby Sweden

After Stephen left for his conference, I got ready and here I am heading out:

Taby Sweden

This is one tip America could take from the Europeans as we cannot easily or safely walk everywhere as they can. The walkways are perfectly wonderful and they appear to go everywhere.

Walking in Taby Sweden

It’s full Fall here in Sweden and I love, love, love walking in the leaves.

Leaves on the ground Taby Sweden

.. and the individual ones on the ground:

A leaf in Taby Sweden

So, today I got directions to the local yarn studio and although I got some dubious looks when I told the folks at the desk I was going to walk, it was a great walk. I wonder if they thought I wouldn’t make it?

I got to visit with Catherine and Sophia (my apologies if I misspelled your names) at Trassel and I had a lovely time. These wonderful women gave me a glass of water and hot water for tea and books to read while I enjoyed it.

Trassel Garn Shop in Sweden

I got a few yarns and then found another terrific shop where I got a pretty bracelet and a pin for my good friend, Cindy.

Täby Sweden yarn

I picked up 7-day train passes and got a good finger-wagging chewing out for using my husband’s credit card. She was really angry with me and told me that she did not like credit cards. Another helpful old guy came over from where he had been sitting and drinking coffee with another old guy to reiterate that in Sweden you don’t use someone else’s card even if it is your husband’s. If that was the case, why not ask before I handed it to her, I wondered? She already knew I was American, but I thought it best to just smile and be nice so I could get my train cards. I also had no code, which I still don’t understand as the card works just fine according to my bank’s online statement. So, that was fun.

On the way back, I saw this bush filled with birds who were happily eating the seeds:

Birds in Täby Sweden

I miss my girls and my little four-legged girl too … I got this picture of Emily before I left. I love the floof (I don’t think that is a word) on her toes:

Emily's toes

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  1. Kristin
    October 4, 2010

    I am wildly envious of your trip. I have family in Järvsö and Matt and I hope to get there sometime in the next few years. Sweden is so fabulous. Have a wonderful time!

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