Touring Täby Sweden

First, a few gripes. I hate not having a qwerty keyboard with my phone. I know I’m sounding a little like a spoiled American but I really don’t mind. I have a lovely qwerty keyboard on my regular phone, but the loaner international phones don’t. Plus, I can’t find wi-fi … and I don’t understand why. This little computer has never had trouble connecting in America. The hotel shouldn’t advertise free wi-fi in public places if it doesn’t have it, but they swear they have wi-fi everywhere and yet my machine can’t pick up any networks at all.

Right now, I’m actually on the sixth floor – it’s deadly quiet in a very tiny and small town with no easily located decent restaurants and no apparent wi-fi. Weird. Completely weird. I was hoping for a quick check-in with my adult kids, but no go. I’m starting to worry that my hubby is wondering where I am as I’m typing this out in an eerily quiet top floor of a hotel with no friggin’ wi-fi.

Plus, and this will make my music fans cringe so brace yourselves: they are having ‘jazz night’ in the bar, which initially made me crazy happy, but ‘jazz’ to the Swedes appears to be what we in America would call rock. In fact, one quiet strange dude with a beard who had been walking back and forth from the buffet through the bar and back around in circles asked my husband if he liked the Blues, to which my husband answered ‘Yes, I like the Blues’ and the guy appeared to ponder that a moment, then turn on his heel and walk off. It was unique. I think I heard a Sting tune played in the ‘jazz’ and well … while I recognize the other basic tunes, but I’m not what you might call a music fiend and there is nothing I would call jazz or blues being played. So, I am sitting in the ‘business center’ of the Best Western in Taby, Sweden and I can hear a basic thumping below me, but the music is most definitely NOT jazz and I can’t find wi-fi to save my life … bugger. I really wanted to blog about this whole adventure.

So, I save this in my folders for the next day, when I most assuredly will find some wi-fi if I have to park my tush in a government office unbidden for just a little bit to let my family know all is well.

Next day …

Still no wi-fi and yet the folks behind the desk are baffled. They swear there is wi-fi across the entire hotel, so I’m thinking it may be user error. I am loving the hotel breakfast – muesli! With various large bowls of yogurt. Fresh and healthy and delicious. Big loaves of bread and you slice off what you like. Cucumbers and tomatoes and sliced meats and cheeses. Lovely and fresh and delicious.

Steve headed off to a full day of meetings, presentations and more. His presentation is tomorrow. There is a planned thing tonight, and so I may be on my own for dinner, which is perfectly fine. I’ll have to find someplace to munch while I am out. We walk everywhere, of course, something that’s hard to imagine in my hometown where we drive our cars to most things.

So, with my fiber count finally restored, this morning I am off to locate the train station and perhaps buy passes. I’m also planning to find the local yarn shop – the address is in my bag and to do some shopping my girls. According to the BBC news this morning, the U.S. issued a warning to it’s citizens regarding the current terrorist plan to cause pain. I’m not worried as I’m in a tiny town right now, but I’ll have to be careful when I go into Stockholm tomorrow.

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