Touring Stockholm – Day Two

Today, my guy has a long day with ‘forced’ fun time and they won’t be back until late, so I decided today was my day to visit a Swedish Spa, the Central Badet.

Rumored to be the loveliest in town, I arrived to a construction zone. I read the sign on the door and followed the directions around to the other side of the building. I did get my massage, but in a nice new building and not the historic spa. It is under renovation. Luckily, the lovely women who work there took me into the pool area, which was filled with furniture, etc. as they were working on the renovations. It’s going to be a very lovely place folks. My massage was great – very great and while I wish it was in the real spa, I enjoyed the heck out of it. This is a photo of the fountain in the garden:

Central Badet in Stockholm

Then, I had a little Italian lunch – the most delicious caprese salad and glass of wine ever. I was greeted at the entrance of the restaurant by a big basket of fresh small tomatoes. I thought it was a good sign. I had a dessert I should have taken a picture of it was so pretty.

Then, I walked over to the Hallwylska Museet which is the home of a wealthy Swedish woman, Wilhelmina, who married Walter van Hallwyl. She was a collector and while I visited only the first floor, it was an amazing home.

She had a drawing room where the ladies sat:

Hallwylska Museet drawing room

She had a porcelain room where she stored her china:

Hallwylska Museet porcelain room

She has marbles over her fireplaces, which were actually just for show because she had central heat installed – one of the first houses that had it!

Hallwylska Museet marble

This is Perseus bringing fire to the humans.

Now, for some random stuff … a great sign for a hair dresser:

Cut the Crap Stockholm

I had a great dinner at an outdoor cafe – grilled salmon and salad with some little boiled potatoes. It had the obligatory creamy sauce, but it was lemony and light this time instead of heavy, so I did well with it. I was hungry too.

Dinner Stockholm

On the way home, I picked up some Hello Kitty bandages for my feet – one of them has sprung a nice blister and I don’t want to get slowed down. My feet are killing me tonight, however. I think I’ve walked at least 472 miles. OK, I’m being a little dramatic, but these feet need to be put up … now.

By the way, there are hand knitted thing EVERYWHERE in this city. I kinneared this woman wearing a pink crochet coat!

Kinneared crochet coat

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