Touring Stockholm

Yesterday, as hubby did the Engineering Symposium, my jobs were to find:

  • how to get to our hotel in Stockholm
  • shopping for my daughters
  • a delicious treat and some diet cokes

… so I set out. I did just fine getting into Stockholm (I was less successful returning to Taby, but more on that in a minute).

When I popped out of the Tunnelban (the subway) I saw this building up over my head:

Stockholm building

I don’t know which building it is yet. I headed up the street and found our next hotel, the Nordic Sea. So, I turned down another street in the search of shopping and soon ran into a living statue:

Living statue in Stockholm

The streets are sometimes very narrow and in the shopping areas, they are covered in people.

Stockholm street

I found this open-air market where a couple of goofs offered to show me the lingonberries:

Lingonberries in Stockholm open-air market

… one of them later patted my butt, and I checked my pockets and bag in case they were picking my pockets!

I still haven’t tried the berries. Where are these things? I keep hearing that they put them on everything!

More flowers in the market:
Flowers in Stockholm open-air market

I did find some lovely blouses for my daughters, some postcards and stamps, and a little lovely jewelry to take home.

In my wandering, I went into this lovely little shop called Vete-Katten and was told by one of the patrons that the desserts were perfectly delicious.

Vete-Katten Stockholm

So, I noted where it was and returned later to get two boxed treats to take back to our hotel. Later, we ate these in bed with our fingers because I forgot to snag some forks from downstairs!

On the way back to Taby, I had some trouble getting on the right train going the right way … I was going the right way, just not on the right train. So, I ended up getting off and heading back a couple of times before I got it right. I know which train to get on now, so all is well and I head into Stockholm today again.

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