Poor little lost gloves

On our recent trip to Sweden (luckily on the last day), I somehow misplaced the fingerless gloves I had knitted just before the trip. I remember the day they went missing. It had just warmed up a little and it was the one and only day of sunshine we had. I remember having the gloves on while my hands were wrapped around a fiercely hot cup filled with tea. The gloves acting as both protection from the heat and keeping the non contact portions of my hands and wrists warm. After that, I know they went into my coat pocket and were never seen again.

In fact, my special guy hustled back to the store where we got the hot water to look for them while I held our place in line for the boat tour, but no luck. Just as a reminder, this is what they looked like just after I finished them:

Fingerless gloves with Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20

Do you remember that nursery rhyme: “poor little kittens who lost their mittens”? This makes me feel a little sad like that, but I remain completely confident that the gloves have found their way onto the small-ish hands of someone who needs them. I’m sticking to my hope and cannot be swayed.

That being said, how much do you love fingerless gloves? I can’t get enough of them. They are just enough to keep the hands and knuckles and wrists extra warm while leaving my fingers free to pick up keys, or handle money, or put on lip protection. I’ve never once seen the appeal of mittens. Sure, they are cute, but your hands are basically trapped in them. Sure, your hands are warm AND trapped, but they are trapped nonetheless. Even opening a door can be hard with mittens on, not to mention picking up keys, handling money, and no way can you do lip gloss with the darned things. Perhaps it’s just me and my lack of practice, but mittens are just not my thing.

I’ve been fascinated reading about Anne Hanson’s Hellebores. I love her designs and her patterns are so well written! When I was knitting my little purple mitts, I kept feeling like it would be fun to have a ruffle that fell over the knuckles.This morning, I hunted around on The Loopy Ewe website for patterns and was intrigued by this one: Fngerless Lace Mitts by Monica Knits. So I ordered it. I know I can figure out a lovely ruffled fingerless glove that should take the edge off. Of course, I didn’t have the ‘perfect’ yarn either (she writes from her desk at work where the stash cannot be immediately seen), so I probably ordered some lovely yarn as well.

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