Chilly Fall Weather and other Colorado Joys

I’m the first to admit it, I love Fall. I lived in the south for many years and we didn’t have Fall there – no fall colors, no crunching leaves, no nip in the air. I hated it. Now that I live in Colorado, I get to enjoy Fall again and it’s my most favorite-ist time of the year. (The ‘most favorite-ist’ phrase is one my daughters cooked up when they were very little – I still love it. Like the words ‘mazagine’ and ‘hanguber’.)

I love taking walks and swishing and crunching through the leaves. I love seeing piles of leaves raked up for the kids to jump in – my girls used to do that and it was so much fun. I love rooting through my closet for a favorite jacket or sweater. Last night, it was so chilly in the house, I even thought about turning on the furnace! Yikes! I was strong. I pulled on a sweatshirt and a lap blanket and a cat. It’s too soon and I don’t like to be the first … after reading about the Canadian furnace wars, I figure I can hold out a lot longer.

I love that it’s dark at dinner time and all I want to cook is soup and chili and risotto. I look out over the open space behind our house and the leaves are looking like this:

Leaves changing in Colorado open space

… and this guy sits and ruins the grass in one spot on the lower lawn:

Old neighborhood deer

We went walking over the weekend in Old Colorado City, which is just south and a little to the west of where we live. We wanted to see the results of the annual scarecrow contest. These are the ones outside the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory:

Scarecrows outside Colorado Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

… and here are a few more:

More Old Colorado City scarecrows

How fun is that? I love the local traditions. Here is what the leaves look like off the balcony of Jake and Telly’s (our best local Greek restaurant):

Old Colorado City leaves changing

… and here is a bizarre photo of a three-dimensional photograph by an artist (forgot to write down the name) in Old Colorado City.

Bizarre three dimensional photo

I’m not sure how I feel about three dimensional photos to be honest, but this horse is cute!

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