Saroyan Scarf

Before our trip, I started the Saroyan scarf (that’s a Ravelry link) in the softest purple/grey Arucania Ruca (another Ravelry link). I’ve done 7 of the increases to make the scarf wide enough … and I’ve added beads along the base of the leaves.

Fourteenergirl's Saroyan Scarf with beads

I’m loving this scarf. The yarn is pretty easy to split, so I have to pay pretty close attention while I’m knitting.

Fourteenergirl's Saroyan Scarf with beads

I didn’t knit it on the plane, however, as I found juggling the needles and the crochet hook and a bunch of tiny beads was too much. I did knit it in the evenings when we were settled down and now that I’m rolling along, it should go faster.

Fourteenergirl's Saroyan Scarf - leaf edging

Don’t you just love how those leaves work up on the edge? That’s just so amazing to me. This is a great pattern too — very easy to follow, and no mistakes that I’ve found except one and it may not even be a mistake. The increase rows skip the increase on row 3 and 11. I found that it works more evenly if I just put the increase in those rows, so I did.

While I knitted yesterday, I stood with the kitties on the balcony.

Kitties on the balcony

They got to explore and sniff and look all around. They love doing this and when they go inside, they are all friendly to each other. Not sure why that connection, but hey, it’s a great way to settle them down when they are rowdy.

They love doing this and as long as I’m outside with them, I know they are safe. They can’t jump off the balcony and with me there, hawks aren’t likely to swoop and grab them.

Kitties on the balcony

Not that any hawk could haul Maxie-boy. He’s too heavy!

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  1. Kay Kelsch
    December 23, 2012

    Good job! I love it with the beads! Beautiful!

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