When your kid is sick …

No matter how old I am or how old they are, when one of my kids is sick, the world stops for a brief moment and then everything sort of shifts all lop-sided and then with a quick snap, it realigns itself. I’m sure many mothers can relate, but working mothers know this all too well.

Last night, my youngest, who also happens to have pulled the odd straw in her late teen years and received a diagnosis of Type 1 (that’s Juvenile) Diabetes, was really sick. She’s sleeping now, but let me tell you folks: you do not want this diagnosis. She has faced it with bravery and handled it with a level of grace that I think few of us would have been able to muster, and I admire the hell out of her. She’s amazing.

That said, when she’s ill, it’s much, much worse than it would be for the rest of us. A simple stomach bug or bout of the flu can cause her sugars to rise and fall with such alarming instability that it would make a diabetic specialist completely nuts. Trying to adjust her insulin rates is like trying to hit a moving target on a good day when everything is under control. If she is not feeling well or is under stress, it’s worse. Add a little food poisoning (which is what we think is causing the current problem) and it requires the skill of a marksman to get even close.

I’m too scared to go to work today because I need to be sure she’s safe. So, I’m working at home on some odd writing projects and everything is perfect. She’s sleeping. Rain is falling. It’s cold and dreary. I know that if she has a serious low, I’ll be there with juice and if a hospital run is necessary, we’re prepared.

All is well.

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