Catamount Trail

This weekend, I met up with a new group of friends to hike the Catamount Trail and have lunch at the Wines of Colorado after. Catamount hiking trail is one of my favorite Colorado hiking trails. It starts in a little town called Green Mountain Falls (where you park your vehicle).

The town has a lovely little pond in the center with a gazebo:

Lake and Gazebo in Green Mountain Falls

… and ducks and this one goose:

Green Mountain Falls Goose

I think he thought we had his breakfast, but we didn’t.

You can read about the Catamount trail from this link. In essence, however, there is no trail head parking, so you must park at the town lake and then walk up Ute Valley Pass street for a little bit and turn left onto Hondo. Walk up Hondo, which roller-coasters for about a half mile, until you get to the end you can start your hike.

The first part of the hike is steep and it’s definitely a leg workout.

Catamount Trail Colorado

Catamount Trail switches back and forth and over rocks, but you can enjoy frequent views of the rushing creek to take your mind off it.

Catamount Trail Colorado

After the switch backs, the trail snakes through dense forest and offers lovely views of the town below and the hills all around. When you top out, you are in a flat area called the Garden of Eden.

Catamount Trail Colorado

We certainly timed this hike right because the leaves were gorgeous. As you walk through the Garden of Eden toward Catamount Reservoir, there are lovely rocky ridges to look at as you walk along the creek.

Garden of Eden Catamount Trail Colorado

When you reach the end of the Garden, you climb a bit on a gravel road that tops out one of the reservoirs in the Pikes Peak recreation area.

Pikes Peak looming above Catamount Reservoir

Isn’t this a lovely end to a great hike?

Pikes Peak looming above Catamount Reservoir

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