Working at home … with all the local wildlife

Today, I’m getting to the final stages of the stomach flu and I’m finally feeling a little better. Yesterday, I had to resort to a complete liquid diet. Juice, tea, broth, water. I think it worked too because today, I’ve only had a little stomach cramping. While this is not my favorite illness, I have to say my jeans fit really great!

So, I’m working at home this morning and I go to make another cup of tea and I see this guy just off my back porch:

Deer sleeping just off Colorado porch

Seriously, could he be any closer to the house? Good thing he’s just a deer and not a bear. He’s nicely placed next to the St. Francis statue, eh?

While I was away from my desk, however, I encountered this bit of smug ‘wildlife’ as well:

Max is happy they caught a mouse

He’s feeling smug because someone caught a mouse last night. I don’t know which kitty caught it, but everyone was really wound up this morning, chasing around the house and whirring in figure eights around our legs this morning. It appears they are all taking the credit for that one little mouse.

On my end, I’m just very, very glad they left it for me on the floor instead of tucking it into one of the shoes by the front door which is where Max prefers to leave dead mouse-presents. Ick!

Heading back up the stairs with my cup of tea and the very fluffy Roxy is intently watching the birds:

Roxy watching the birds

… and when I got back to my desk, this little bit of fluffy wildlife had taken my work chair:

Emily steals my chair

The gall! Hrmph.

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  1. Elizabeth
    November 4, 2010

    Well at least Max does not leave live mice in the house, he should feel very smug for himself 😛

  2. November 7, 2010

    I completely agree … they are excellent little mousers all of them.

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