The best day of the year … when the nastiness stops

I don’t know about you, but has it seemed like a long mid-term election season? Today is the one of the best days of the year – yesterday we voted, the die is cast, the counting has begun, and today all those nasty ads stop.
I voted button

I’m so happy. I might even be brave enough by tomorrow night to turn on the TV again.

I don’t watch TV most of the summer and then when I turn things back up for the Fall shows, I have to face the political ads and it just makes me crazy. The remote control to our TV has taken such a beating lately, the sound button barely works and the channel button only works when you hold it down hard and wiggle it a little from side to side … or is that how the volume button works? I can’t remember. Clearly, it’s time for a new remote either way.

The mute button still works, thank goodness. Without the mute button these past few weeks, I would have just watched the shows I like on Hulu instead. What would I do without Hulu? Give up on television show programming altogether.

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