Things to do (and perhaps not do) in Denver

I haven’t had much time for knitting lately … I’ve been slugging away on these socks. Which I will really, really need soon to go into my favorite boots because it’s going to be very cold here in Colorado very soon.

Warm handknit socks and favorite boots

I just can’t get to them very much though, and I’ll tell you a little about why.

First, the good: last weekend, we had a great visit from my brother in law and his wife and our niece.

O'Connor and DeWalt Family plus 1

My niece is approximately the same age as my girls, and since my girls had plans to go to Glenwood Springs over the weekend to soak in the hot springs and see a bunch o’ bands, they all went along together. This was great because it freed up the ‘adults’ to go play.

We toured the Stranahan’s distillery. Have you heard? Colorado has it’s own whiskey and that whiskey is Stranahan’s.

Stranahan's Whiskey barrels

My guy and I first tried this whiskey on a whim on a weekend in Denver a couple of years ago, and you know what? It’s really, really good stuff (if you like whiskey that is and even if you don’t, give it a chance why don’t ya?). Stranahan’s is a small batch distillery created by these two guys, Jess Graber and George Stranahan.

Jess Graber and George Stranahan

Each batch is just a little bit unique. They also do everything they can to re-use and recycle. Used barrels are sold to people who want to do further distilling in them – there’s a waiting list for the barrels! They also re-use the spent mash by selling it to local farmers who feed the grain to their cows. So cool.

Fourteenergirl and her guy

Then we saw an Avalanche game. I’m not a big fan of sports, but hockey was far more interesting than a baseball game I saw last Spring. There were fights, and dancing snow-cleaner guys, and it was fast and it certainly kept my interest.

Dancing snow cleaner guys at Avalanche game

Plus, given that it was almost Halloween, it was a crazy crowd. Of course, I knitted a little bit, but only on something I didn’t have to look at much. The mistake rib scarf grew by a couple of inches during the game and the local team won, which was really cool!

Avalanche game scoreboard

We stayed in the Oxford Hotel, which I highly recommend. It’s less expensive than the Brown Palace. It’s smaller, but the rooms are much bigger. We loved it. I think this will be our go-to hotel when we stay in Denver. It’s right next to Union Station.

Union Station in downtown Denver

Now, the bad. Oh where do I begin?

First, I found out something I have believed about my marriage is 100% completely wrong. That’s husband-wife stuff, however, and we’ll not talk about it here. Suffice it to say, I’m still reeling and more than a little pissed off. He is too, but for different reasons.

Next, my lovely, amazing, smart, sweet, kind, thoughtful, perfect daughters drove my little SUV all over Glenwood Springs and burned up the engine. Despite the fact that we checked the oil before they left (I check it too) and it was fine, something happened to the volume of oil in the engine and the oil light was ignored while they kept driving. So, we were woken up in our lovely hotel at an ungodly hour (given the amount of drinks we had consumed the night before and the state of our heads) and found out they were stranded on I-70 with a burnt up engine. So, we cleared out of the hotel very fast with me dialing roadside assistance to get a tow truck out there.

Tow truck guy, Jason, had one of my daughters and her band-guy BF in the truck. The other daughter and our niece rode in my SUV. Jason had to tilt the bed and lower it so the girls could get out.

Poor little broken Rodeo - with kids!

Side note: Jason has done 10 fourteeners, so he was impressed with my license plate and record. He was a sweet guy. Very kind.

My little Rodeo is now in the shop. An engine has been ordered from Florida. A clutch has been ordered as well since they’ll have the whole thing apart, I might as well do the clutch and save on the labor I’ll inevitably have to do soon anyway (thanks service guys).

So the short story is that $5,800 dollars later, I’ll get to drive the same truck I’ve been driving for the last 12 years. Given the state of the economy and the instability of my job, I’ll be happy about it too, dammit! So, I’m working like a dog on any writing project I can get my hands on to pay this bill.

Hope your week is going better …

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