The first snow of our Colorado winter season!

What is it about the first snow of the season? It’s pure magic, that’s what it is. The first snow is like the first crocus of spring – it’s perfect and lovely. Last night, we had our first (very light) snowfall of the Colorado winter season.

Our patio looked like this this morning just after dawn:

Patio in first snow Colorado Springs

Now, I know that there are folks who dislike the start of the winter season. It reminds them of how long the winter will be and how much they will have to struggle to clear the snow from their driveways and sidewalks. Many people don’t like the slippery roads and the messy slush. I get all that, but the first snow cannot fall into that realm. The first snow is innocent.

I love the first snow. I love waking up and looking at the deck outside my bedroom and seeing all that lovely fluffy stuff. I love how the Thanksgiving decorations look in the snow.

Pumpkin on the deck in the snow

When the snow falls thick and heavy, there’s a silence in the air. I don’t know how else to describe it, but when you wake up in the morning, if you listen you can tell it’s snowed heavily before you even see it. Everything just gets quiet and still.

I love how the sky looks after it’s snowed too:

Morning sky after a Colorado Springs snowfall

Ah, I wish I was working at home today, but I’m not (sadly). It’s a perfect day to work at home with a kitty on my lap, a cup of tea and snow on the deck. So peaceful. So perfect.

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