What can be better than a pair of hand knit socks?

OK, so maybe dark chocolate ice cream is just as soothing (in a very different way), but you just can’t beat hand knit socks for pure indulgent comfort. Today, these soft, snowy white socks are done and just in time for the first snow fall of the season!

New handknit socks

The yarn is Cotsoy from Queensland Bebe in Ecru and knit on size 1.5 needles (U.S.). The pattern is my own basic ribbed sock pattern knit from the toe up with a plain gusset heel.

New hand knit socks

I haven’t even washed them yet. I don’t want to take them off, they feel so warm and toasty and soft. These socks are specifically made for my favorite boots and man, did I get this right!

New handknit socks in boots

The length is just right and the thickness of the socks is perfect for the boot.

New handknit socks in boots

You know, not all hand knit socks are good inside shoes. Some hand knit socks are simply too thick to be comfortable inside shoes. Of course, there are all kinds of thin yarns you can use for socks and all kinds of patterns that don’t add extra thickness. But, these socks were made for my feet to be inside these boots.

Let the snow start to fall because I’m ready! Here it comes!

Next Colorado snowfall coming soon

I’m telling everyone here and now, if you want to feel safe and cared for, cozy up to your favorite knitter and beg for some hand knit socks. You won’t be sorry.

P.S. No, I won’t knit some for you … I’ve a list a mile long already.

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