So, when does a person achieve hand knit worthiness?

Here’s a funny little discussion going on around my world. When exactly is it that a person achieves the status of hand knit worthy? I recently knitted a grey hat and it was for a larger head. I often start knitting projects not knowing quite who the ultimate recipient will be, but it all works out in the end because the knitting tells me who it wants to be given to.

You’re probably wondering … now, how the heck does an inanimate object accomplish this particular act of communication? It’s a kind of organic thing that occurs during the knitting process. As I’m knitting along on my project, the recipient starts to come up in conversation or they come to mind while I’m knitting. After a few of these little experiences, my slow brain catches on that the knitted whatever wants to belong to that person.

Now, I’m sometimes in the knitting project for the resulting product and sometimes I’m knitting this particular thing simply because I had the yarn on hand and wanted to ease it out of my stash so I have spots for other yarn treasures. In the case that came up this week, it was the latter option. I had this gray yarn that somehow got purchased and landed in my stash, and there were just two skeins of it, and so it was (to my mind) slated to be a hat. I had already hatted all the small-headed people in my house and my guy recently announced (you’ll love this), “I have plenty of hats and I love them all.” Cute, eh?

OK, so no small-headed people need a hat, and the guy apparently has plenty and doesn’t want another, but this yarn needs to get out of the stash, so I’ll just cast on and see what happens. Has this thought ever happened to you?

So, I did that. I cast on for a basic ribbed brim and then moved into a cabled pattern and away I went. So, now you are wondering, who does the hat want to belong to? My eldest’s BF, that’s who. I thought to myself, “Hmmm, that’s interesting, but I don’t know if he likes hats.” He visited wearing a hat. OK, point taken. Then, I thought to myself, “Maybe he doesn’t like gray?” Yeah right, I thought, he’s a boy in college. He’s just glad his clothes are clean enough not to get him arrested.

So, I decided with the yarn that this is the person who wants this hat (whether he knows it or not, of course, I’ve learned the yarn doesn’t usually consult the recipient). I mentioned it in passing to my eldest, and she was thrilled about the idea. Totally game for it.

Hand Knit Grey Hat

Of course my guy isn’t so sure, but then, he’s the dad and do they ever really like the BFs? He doesn’t know if the guy is hat-worthy, but as a knitter I’m still thinking giving this hat away to the BF accomplishes my original goals of getting the yarn out of the house and onto someone’s (anyone’s) head so I have more room for yarn purchases in the future. Besides, it makes my daughter happy and what can be the harm in that?

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