An ‘ode’ to my Rodeo

Well, not an ode exactly as Webster’s defines an ode as: “a lyric poem usually marked by exaltation of feeling and style, varying length of line, and complexity of stanza forms” and I’m no poet. So this is just a post marked by an exaltation of feeling with just a whisper of style.

My Isuzu Rodeo has been with me since January 1999. I bought her just before selling my little red four-door Nissan to a nice woman up the street from us. She needed a ‘new-ish’ car and I desperately needed more space and four-wheel drive. If you’ve ever packed four girls (two of my own and two who were carpooling with us) with loaded backpacks and band instruments of all sized into a little four-door car, you know exactly what I mean. If you’ve ever driven on snow-covered roads in Colorado, you know what I mean as well.

I have pictures of her from the very start, that’s how much I love my Rodeo. Here she is on her first fourteener:

My Isuzu Rodeo

Yes, she’s red … I always drive red vehicles (that’s who I am). Yes, she has a vanity plate that reads 14ERGRL (that’s who she is).

So, when my beautiful, amazing, smart, and kind daughters (no jesting) drove the Rodeo with the oil light on and melted the engine (read about it here), I had her towed to my favorite mechanic and began the process of ordering a new engine along with the myriad of associated and hard-to-pronounce-the-names-of parts to put her back in order and on the road.

I ordered a refurbished engine from Florida of all places and then someone tried to steal it en-route! No kidding, the engine was delayed and after a bunch of phone calls back and forth, I found out that someone ordered it re-routed to Maine just as it arrived in Colorado. I think someone paid someone, and someone is going to a personal hell all their own, I’m sure of it. The guy I ordered it from turned My engine back around and it arrived in time for … Thanksgiving, of course. So, the repairs were delayed even longer.

Then, I found out it had to have a new water pump and timing belt for the engine’s warranty to be valid. Plus, while we had the whole thing taken apart, it was a great time to put in a new clutch as it wouldn’t cost a penny more in labor if I did that. So, I ordered a clutch online and that was another delay.

Side note: did you know you could order replacement parts online much, much cheaper than buying them at your repair place? It’s true, I swear it. Plus you can have the parts delivered right to your mechanic’s door. My mechanic told me about it. He’s great. His name is Frank.

Finally, today I got my Rodeo back and I cannot tell you how happy I am. I can finally get to knitting club again, and I can go to the gym when I want to (not when it’s convenient to the girls’ schedules), and I can take my Rodeo with me everywhere I go.

So, at this point in time, I have a little SUV with all new inside parts stuffed into the old body and after a month of driving my girls’ tiny little cars, I’ll take it. Her seats fit my butt, she drives like a dream, she’s high and safe and reliable and she’s mine, all mine, and I love her.

Mr. Man wanted to have the door dings pulled out, but I say NO. Those are battle scars and she’s earned ’em.

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