Let’s review the 2010 Resolutions and a new Strategy

December is the end of the calendar year and January is usually cold, gloomy, and BUSY as hell. So, this year, I thought I’d review my 2010 resolutions, decide where I did well and where I did not, and propose a new strategy for 2011.

So, shall we?

Here they are … I had them typed up and taped inside my planner all year.

1. Stay around 125 pounds
2. Go to yoga once a week
3. Wash my face every night and apply anti-aging lotion
4. Finish the little blue sweater
5. Continue a mostly vegetarian/pescatarian diet with whole grains
6. Pay off the credit card account
7. Invest the maximum in your 401k and Roth
8. Spend time in at least one national park you’ve never seen before
9. Drink a glass of water each day when you come home from work
10. Say a prayer of gratitude each day
11. Send birthday cards to family and friends

OK, so how did I do?

#1 Pretty close … yesterday I weighed 128, which is higher than I’d like but still pretty close.

#2 Nope, not even close. I love yoga, but the classes I’ve had available to me are not fitting in my schedule. My new friends group has told me that the local CorePower classes here are great. I’ve checked their schedule and I’ve asked Santa for some classes for Christmas. So, we’ll have a re-do on that one in 2011.

#3 Again, pretty close. I’ve decided that Neutrogena and Roc are my products for life. I do have to switch cleansers between winter and summer – do you have that problem? I use the St. Ives cleanser with olive oil in the winter. Sounds yucky? No way, this stuff works like a dream and it doesn’t dry my face out. This one goes on the re-do list for 2011.

#4 OK, now this one deserves a post all it’s own. I frogged that sweater and made a baby sweater with the yarn and gave it to my hair dresser’s partner who had a little girl in September. I have 2 sweaters currently on the needles, one in the planning stages, and I can’t stand focusing on them. A sweater takes a REALLY, REALLY LONG time to knit. I’m enjoying my short-and-sassy projects right now – must be a need for near-immediate gratification? *sigh* I’ll think about this one.

#5 Yep, did really great on this one and given my recent cholesterol numbers, this is my eating strategy for life now. No need to put that on the 2011 list.

#6 Argh! … have you read about my Rodeo repairs yet? So, this was mostly accomplished and then went right back into the crapper. It goes on the 2011 list again.

#7 I got the maximum into the 401 and almost the max into the Roth. Not bad, this goes on the 2011 list again.

#8 I could be forgetting … it’s been a whole darn year after all, but I don’t think I visited a national park I haven’t seen before. Must rethink this one.

#9 Hmmm … well I did mostly well on this at the start of the year and it all went to heck in the latter part of the year. Drinking more water goes on the 2011 list.

#10 Yep, this was an easy one. I just listed my grats in my head and said a prayer of thanks each night before bed. Nice habit that one.

#11 Yep, although several of them to the in-laws got stuck on Mr. Man’s desk and were very late. Family, if you’re missing your card, you know who to e-mail and it’s not me. 🙂

So, I’ve been thinking about next year’s resolutions. I like how focusing on one at a time seems to plant that habit into my daily life. Also, I read somewhere that you have to do a new habit for a full month before it really sticks as a habit. So, I thought I’d take a month-by-month approach to 2011 instead. I’m thinking of some weird ones too, like doing only yoga every day for a month, no other exercise. I’m thinking about a month of reconciliation – that is going to confession and mass once a week for a full month – don’t you think that will make focusing on where I need improvement a little easier than if I wait six months or a year to get around to it? I think it will.

What about a month of no alcohol, a month of no salt, a month of silence, a month of just hiking … I could really get on a roll here.

I’ll keep you posted!

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