Magical all-girl getaways

I had such a wonderful time in Virginia with my sister and my parents … we even got to see my second parents, my mother’s twin sister who is married to my dad’s brother. No kidding, and each of them have been married for well over 40 years.

There is something magical, however, about all-girl time. As much as we adore and count on the men in our lives – and we do guys, don’t you doubt it for a minute – having time with your sister and your mom is special.

All-girl getaways involve wine in front of a fireplace in a hotel lobby while we catch up. It involves knitting in the hotel room and painting our nails while changing channels on the TV (someone is going to do a study one day and find that women in single-person households are the only females who get time with the remote control, I just know it).

All-girl getaways involve walking way too slowly because we are all trying to keep up with the conversation and avoid crashing into things. They also involve going into every single store in a small town and finding fun things like these little piggies in the window display:

Happy piggies

… and lovely little red jackets (mine, mine, mine!) on sale!

little red jacket

These activities bore our men to tears. My dad was happy with the newspaper in the coffee shop until he’d finished the paper and was ready for lunch. The poor guy was happy to take us all back home after lunch and we trotted our butts right back into the shopping district for some more. He had a nap (smart guy).

Of course, there is always something magical about small towns during the holidays … actually, I hear New York is magical around the holidays too, but hey, small towns are special.

Hand carved deer in Christmas wreath

The stores sparkle, and people are happy and helpful. They let us pet their shop doggies and take pictures of their stuff even if we weren’t buying it.

Hokie Garden

When we finally went to meet our plane and head home, we spent the morning watching flight after flight get canceled. The airport was socked in with very heavy fog and in a small airport in a small town, they simply don’t have the expensive equipment necessary to safely land planes in that dense fog. Then, it started to snow and sleet just to make sure we hadn’t missed the point that we weren’t going anywhere today.

Since the planes weren’t landing, there were no planes to take us up, up, and away back home. So after the last cancellation, we made our flight plans for tomorrow and called Mom and Dad again. They were thrilled to come and get us for another day. I guess we weren’t bad guests (whew!). We spent a cold rainy day working on our laptops, taking care of business by phone, and letting our families know that they’d have to hold down the fort all by themselves for another day.

The flights the next day were harrowing with standby status lists and juggled schedules, but by this time, we wanted to go home and going home we were going to do, no matter what … and we got home safely!

I hope you are enjoying safe holiday travel … and happy December!

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