Messing with Max – a household pastime

Messing with Max is a household pastime … and poor Max. The other day, after my daughter and I were talking about the happy piggies in the store window:

Happy piggies

… she reminded me of a piggy I already had. This is one the girls gave me YEARS ago because it was in one of those little fenced-in areas outside Claire’s (their favorite store at the time) and every time we saw it, it made me laugh. So, she pulled it down off the top of the frig (an appropriate place to store pink fluffy pig robots, I think) and turned it on and we proceeded to make cookies.

Poor Max got curious and had to come see. Sneaking up on your ‘enemy’ from behind is always a good starter strategy:

Max encounters piggy robot

Sooner or later, you have to face your ‘enemy’ however:

Max encounters piggy robot

Of course, then you can get closer and sniff it to see what it is:

Max encounters piggy robot

… and you can always choose to ignore it and walk away.

Max encounters piggy robot

Look at his ears. He is still none too pleased about this pink pig robot working its way across the kitchen floor. After this, he decided to go under the kitchen table and watch it from there.

Emily was having nothing to do with the pink piggy.

Emily sleeps through pink pig

Smart girl.

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