The slow slide into Christmas

A quick trip through Whole Foods yesterday puts a six-pound prime rib in my hands. While we are mostly vegetarians, we do resort to lovely carefully raised and organic beef a few times a year. I went in to get a chuck roast, but the prime rib called to me and so I got that instead.

I’ve worked through all the menu planning for our Christmas feast and we finally got our Christmas cards in the mail. Some of them will get there in time and some won’t, but hey we did it.

The Christmas Cactus in my office started to bloom.

Christmas Cactus blooming in my office

Emily is happily ensconced in her fluffy bed on top of the office filing cabinets (it’s warm and toasty in that spot and she guards it carefully).

Emily in her fluffy bed

We had some snow this week and so the deer came by to nibble the edges of my dead and dry plants.

Colorado deer in back lawn

Isn’t this little guy cute?

Colorado lawn deer

Their fluffy ears fascinate me … I want to pet them.

Now, I’m baffled about this rocket on the second-floor deck.

Rocket on the deck

I haven’t decided which set of neighbor kids sent (launched?) this one to us, but maybe I’ll let Mr Man handle that. Perhaps we’ll just put it in the trash so no one gets in trouble with Santa.

I think it might be time for another one of these.

Ghirardelli hot chocolate

Stay warm out there folks!

Our Colorado Lodge at Christmas

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